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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Lip Pencil by BITE Beauty

Note: I received these items complimentary from Influenster and BITE Beauty for review purposes. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own! 

Okay, real talk for a second. Lip pencils have never been my go-to makeup item. I've tried so hard to get into using lip pencils, but I really couldn't. Either they were too stiff and dragged on my lips, or I just found they didn't last and did nothing.

So I was definitely intrigued to try out BITE Beauty's Lip Pencils. Could this be the product I've been looking for? I've heard such amazing things about their Amuse Bouche lipsticks, so I had high hopes that I would find similar quality in these pencils.
From the first initial swatch of these, there's one thing I noticed that I've never experienced with any other lip pencils: these things are damn creamy. They apply so smoothly, it's essentially like they've repackaged a creamy lipstick into a pencil format. This does unfortunately mean that they will snap easily if you apply too much pressure when using them, but if you're gentle, they will give such a nice, smooth line.
I received the shade 044 and 020, with the Amuse Bouche lipsticks in Whiskey and Honeycomb to go with them. I was so instantly drawn to the 044/Whiskey combo because it is just the most pretty vampy lip ever. It's a reddish brown with hints of plum and I just cannot get enough of it.
I was a touch disappointed with 020/Honeycomb though. Formula wise it's fantastic; no issues there. The shade is just a bit too nude for my lips, and I look a little bit washed out (corpse like...). I still wanted to get good use out of this one though, so I applied a gloss on top if it with a pink undertone and it looks stunning.
The Bottom Line: are these worth it? Absolutely. They've made me a believer that lip pencils are actually worth using, and that says a lot. Would I repurchase/purchase more shades? Again, absolutely. I'd love to pick up a nude more flattering to my skin tone. This is definitely a product I could see myself using on a daily basis.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Colourpop 'Weenie' Super Shock Shadow (SWATCH)

This eyeshadow is so stunning on the eyes, you really have to try it to understand what I mean. I think I might have worn it every day for a week all over my lids with just a darker brown buffed into the crease. It's just so gorgeous.
Colourpop's website describes this one as a "true rose gold" but it falls a bit more coppery on my skin tone I think. Its still such a pretty, satiny colour that looks even prettier when the light hits it. Definitely a must have if you're planning on ordering some shadows from Colourpop!


Monday, February 6, 2017

SEPHORA HAUL! (Mostly Skincare)

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with your current makeup or skincare situation that you frustratedly purchase a bunch of new products hoping to find something to make it all better? No? Just me?
I was having the absolute worst time trying to deal with my skin lately. It's just been so incredibly dry and flaky, nothing in my current routine could fix it. My skin looks and feels terrible and my makeup looks just as bad. So I decided to purchase some new skincare things to help fix this issue.
 The first things I picked up were the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. I bought them in the smaller travel sizes since I never know how my skin is going to react to them and I didn't want to make a big investment in a product that would cause me to break out. I also picked up the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil because my skin is painfully dry and everyone and their grandma has raved about this stuff.
 I also decided to pick up a few overnight masks that I'm hoping will boost my skins moisture while I sleep. The little Sephora collection ones are so cute and tempting that I couldn't resist picking up more than one.
 I love shopping from Sephora online because I'm a sucker for free samples. I also picked up the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Venom which was a 100 Point Perk. I was also super excited because when I made this order, Sephora was giving free sample bags of hydrating skincare for purchases over $25 (I know, how perfect right?)
 I am so so excited to give these all a try. Most of these products are new to me so I'm very looking forward to trying these out. I have such a huge stash of sample sized products, it's getting a little out of hand, but I'm definitely going to put them to use (I swear!)
Let me know in the comments below if you'v tried any of the products I picked up!
Bonus question: do you have a big stash of samples?
Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Colourpop 'KathleenLights' Super Shock Shadow Swatches

As promised, I'll be posting swatches of all the things I ordered from Colourpop all through this week. I had to post this one first though because, I mean, just look at it. Is that not the most gorgeous golden colour you've ever seen? I kind of just want to slather it all over my eyelids.
It applies super pigmented (one swipe is all you need) and the colour is honestly breathtaking. I own a lot of bronze, gold and neutral colours, but I feel as though I don't have a straight up pure gold colour like this, so I'm very excited to try it!

Monday, January 23, 2017


 A couple of weeks ago, I made (believe it or not), my very first Colourpop order. I put off ordering from Colourpop since International shipping can be pretty pricey, but I couldn't put it off any longer so I finally decided to pick up some things.
 I wanted to try a little bit of everything I've heard a lot of hype around, so I picked up some of the Super Shock shadows, a matte liquid lipstick and a lippie stick. (Of course, with my luck, their pressed single shadows were released 2 days after I placed this order... so you know what my next order is going to be!)
 The shadows I picked up were Weenie, KathleenLights, Sequin and Eye Candy. The liquid lipstick is in the shade 'Instigator' and the lippie stick is in 'Topanga'.
 I put off ordering these for far too long, so I am incredibly excited to try them out and see what the hype is all about. They all look so incredibly pretty and they've got me so inspired to create gorgeous looks.
I'll be posting swatches of everything I ordered this week! Stay tuned ;)

Have a lovely week everyone!

Saturday, January 21, 2017


I knew as soon as I got this eyeshadow I would absolutely need to swatch it because it's just so unique.
The ABH website describes it as duo chrome bright purple with lilac blue reflect. It's honestly so gorgeous on the eyes, I can't even begin to explain it!

As I've mentioned many times before, Anastasia Beverly Hills single shadows are among the best single shadows I've ever tried. Creamy, pigmented, smooth, easy to use. Not more you can ask for!

Friday, January 13, 2017

My Current Skincare Routine! (+ Reviews)

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to get more serious about my skincare routine. In the past I've always been the type of girl who only needed a cleanser and a moisturizer and I was good to go. Now that I've been paying more attention to what my skin needs and using products catered to those needs, my skin has never been better.

I have very dry skin, and struggled with dullness and sensitivity for a while as well. I thought I'd share my current skincare routine because these products have changed the game for my skin.

When it comes to getting my skin clean, there are 2 products I'm loving. For removing my eye makeup, I use the L'Oreal Sublime Soft Gentle Micellar Solution. This is one of the few micellar waters I've tried that both removed all my makeup effortlessly (no harsh scrubbing required!) but also doesn't sting my eyes. 

For washing my face, I've been loving the Olay Fresh Effects Out of this Swirled Deep Pore Cleanser. It has a mild exfoliant, but it's gentle enough to use on a daily basis. I love how it foams up and cleans so wonderfully, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped and dry. 

When it comes to serum, I've been using this sample of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (is that a long name, or what?). A little goes a long way with this stuff, and I really do notice a difference when I use it. It leaves my normally dry skin feeling comfortable, visibly plump and luminous.

For lightweight moisture in the daytime, I like to use the L'Oreal Ideal Moisture Day Cream for sensitive skin. It's just heavy enough to keep my skin from being dry and flaky, but not so heavy that I worry my skin will be greasy. 
At night, I love my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +. This is a serious moisturizer. If you have extremely dry skin and nothing seems to help, definitely give this one a shot. It's a life saver. 

Eye Cream:
I'm not particularly loyal to any eye creams right now. Eye cream is usually the thing in my routine that I experiment with the most because there hasn't been any that I see much result with. The one I'm using right now is the L'Oreal Defense Eye Cream, which is pretty good. It leaves my under eyes very hydrated and my makeup applies a lot nicer when I use this. It doesn't do much for dark circles however. 

I recently made a big skincare order on Sephora so I'm excited to try out some new things. (Sephora is having a 2X the points event on all skincare!). 

Let me know what your favourite skincare products are! Anything I should try out? 


Friday, August 12, 2016

Foundation Review Friday: Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse

I'll be honest, for some reason when I picked up this foundation, I thought I would hate it. I primarily use liquid foundations, but this one is a thick, cream consistency type foundation, which I assumed would be pretty cakey, however I have to say I was pretty pleasantly surprised by this product! I haven't heard too many people talk about it though, which I think is sad because this product is a hidden gem in the drugstore for us ladies with dry skin.

The Claims

Cream-whipped consistency
Skin looks and feels hydrated for 14 hours
Best suited for normal to dry skin types
Provides "baby-smooth" finish on skin
Oil and fragrance free

The Results

The foundation felt more like a thick cream to me, not so much cream-whipped, so it did feel a little heavy on the skin upon application, however it doesn't look heavy or cakey.
I definitely notice that my skin looks hydrated while wearing this foundation. It's definitely a good foundation choice if you have dry skin.
It didn't cling to any dry patches or texture on my skin, so I can definitely agree with the "baby-smooth" claim.
This product does not set on its own. You definitely cannot skip using a finishing powder.
I do notice that this product, more than others I've been using, is not transfer-proof.
It comes with a sponge-like applicator, which works okay to apply it, but I definitely prefer a brush for it.
The finish on my skin is pretty dewey, even after setting it with a mattifying powder.

The Verdict

I like this foundation a lot, especially on days when my skin is more dry than usual and I don't want a finnicky foundation which will require me to exfoliate and heavily moisturize beforehand. I'm not crazy about the fact it's not transfer-proof (watch out when hugging people!), but I can live with it. I think I will love it even more during the winter months!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Foundation Review Friday: Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Foundation

Do you remember a few years ago when everyone was talking about this foundation? This foundation was a favourite of mine back in high school when I was getting started in makeup and watching lots of beauty gurus YouTube. I honestly hadn't used it in years, but since decided to pick it up again and give it some love and see if it's as good as I remember it being!

The Claims

  • Gives skin a radiant glow
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Light, smooth texture
  • Poreless coverage
  • Natural, flawless finish

The Results

  • This foundation only comes in 5 different shades,which can be a bit frustrating for those with more fair or dark complexions. I use the lightest shade (Ivory), and I can only pull it off in the summer when I'm a bit darker than usual.
  • It has a really nice scent. Normally I'm not one to want scented face products but this scent is really fresh and mild. It doesn't linger at all once you apply it.
  • The so-called "radiant glow" comes from the fact that there is some shimmer to this foundation. Keep that in mind if shimmer isn't your thing. It isn't anything too crazy, but it is a bit noticeable when you're in the sun.
  • It feels very light and comfortable on the skin.
  • It doesn't cling to any texture or dry patches on the skin.
  • It lasts pretty well on the skin. I wore it out on hot days or at work and it still looked pretty good at the end of the day. 

The Verdict

I honestly forgot how much I really loved this foundation. It applies so well and lasts great too. If you're okay with the fact that you will sparkle a little bit under the sun, I highly recommend checking it out (hopefully there's a shade that matches you well!).

Sunday, July 24, 2016

One Brand Favourites: Marcelle

About a year ago, I was on the hunt for a new Micellar water and picked up one from Marcelle on a whim. Since then, Marcelle has become one of my favourite brands for both skincare and makeup. The more I've been looking into this brand, the more I want to try from them. Their products are not tested on animals, are perfume free and hypoallergenic, which is a huge plus for someone like me, who has sensitive skin. They're also a Canadian brand, so they're fairly accessible at the drugstore here in Canada.

These are the products from Marcelle that I use the most (even though there are still a lot of things I haven't tried yet but I'm looking forward to!)

Rouge Xpression Lipstick

I own 2 of these lipsticks and I'm dying to buy some more. They're extremely pigmented and long lasting, but also feel so hydrating on the lips. I feel like the packaging on them isn't the best (it feels a bit cheap), but don't let that deter you! These are fantastic quality lipsticks and one of my favourites for sure.

Quad Powder Blush in "Ultimate Corals"

This is one of my holy grail blushes. In fact, for a while this was the only blush I wore on my cheeks. Everything about this is awesome. The pigmentation is on point, plus they're long lasting and super blendable. Also, this particular shade is so flattering on my skin tone, it gives such a natural looking flush to the skin.

Black Kohl Eyeliner

Here's the deal. The Lancome Kohl eyeliner is my absolute holy grail kohl eyeliner. But it is crazy expensive, and I cannot justify paying over $30 on something I'm gonna sharpen away. So, I've been trying out drugstore Kohl eyeliners like a madwoman, trying to find something that can hold a candle to my beloved Lancome one. And This. Is. It. It is so good. Super pigmented, long lasting and easy to apply. I'm obsessed.

3-in-1 Micellar Solution

The first Marcelle product I've ever purchased, and probably one of my favourites. It is 100% holy grail status to me. I believe I'm on my 3rd or 4th bottle of it now. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, but it still manages to remove every trace of makeup, even waterproof. You don't even have to sit there scrubbing for hours, a couple swipes and it's all gone! Biggest bonus: you could probably pour this stuff into your eyeballs and it wouldn't sting one bit! (Although, I don't recommend that)

BB Cleanser 

Although I don't use this as much as the Micellar water, I find this product SO cool. Basically, it has the consistency of a face cream, and you massage it into your skin and then just wipe it off with a cloth. All the dirt and makeup on your face just wipes away! I think this is so cool, especially if you're travelling. Also, I love how my skin feels after using it. You'd expect your skin to still feel kinda dirty, since there's no soap or water involved, but my skin actually feels moisturized and refreshed! It's seriously awesome.

Note: Looking this up online, I think it may be discontinued, so if you're lucky enough to come across it, definitely pick one up!

Night Cream for All Skin Types

This is just a really good face cream. I like using this in the summer when I don't need a really heavy, thick night cream. It's light in consistency but still leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated when I wake up the next morning

Big Bronzer in 'Heat Wave' 

This was such an impulse buy. Did I need a huge, shimmery bronzer? Not really. Did I give it and pick it up, because it was pretty? Damn right I did. And I'm so glad that I did because it is so pretty! I like applying this for nights out, when I want a pretty bronzy glow. Also, the lighter shades work wonderfully as a highlighter! Honestly, this bronzer has something for all skin tones and the quality is awesome. It's finely milled, so you're not applying chunky glitter to your face, but rather a nice, shimmery glow.