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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Manicure of the Week!

Hey everyone!

Since I'm someone who changes my nails on a fairly regular basis, I figured once a week I could share with you what my manicure of the week is! Of course, if you follow me on Instagram (which you should! I post very frequently on there!), you've already seen this weeks manicure!
The shades I used are UV Gel polishes from Vishine in the shades 1593 and 228 (for the accent nail). I'm not normally one to go for bubblegum pink type shades but I'm loving these! 
 What's on your nails right now?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Pinterest Picks: Autumn Nails

Autumn is fast approaching and I honestly cannot wait for everything that comes along with it; the colourful leaves, warm drinks, chunky knit sweaters and pretty fall coloured nails. In case, like me, any of you are looking for some inspiration for some original fall inspired nail designs, look no further! I collected some of my favourites from Pinterest this week to share with you all. I made sure to include ideas ranging from super simple to more complex, so anyone of any level of nail-art abilities can fully enjoy!

Patterned Accent Nails
I absolutely adore the look of a patterned accent nail. It adds a little something extra than just your typical glitter accent nail and these are so autumnal and lovely!

Burgundy/Deep Red Nails
A nice deep red colour is hands down my favourite for fall and one of my go-to looks when I'm either in a hurry or can't decide what to do with my nails. 

Warm, Autumnal Colours

Glitter Ombre

Halloween Themed

Neutral Shades

Ombre Nails

Whats your favourite way to do your nails in the fall?