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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Body: The 28 Day Reset Challenge

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and indulged in lots of delicious food and time with loved ones. It's just about that time where we need to get back to reality, and get cracking on all those New Year resolutions!

This year I really want to focus more on my diet and get back to working out (almost) as much as I did in the Summer. If you were following my blog this summer, I did the Blogilates Beginner 2.0 Calendar and did weekly check-ins.

I decided to start off the year, I would do the 28 Day Reset challenge (the video below will explain it a little better for you!), where for the next 28 days, I'll be cutting out dairy, gluten, added sugar, processed food and alcohol, along with 30 minutes of physical activity at least 6 times a week.

I'm really excited to get started and take my before/after pictures! I'm going to be officially starting tomorrow (we had lingering holiday guests and I didn't want to be the stick in the mud who refused all the desserts they brought by 😜). Just like the Beginner's Calendar, I'll be checking in here weekly to talk about my experience and how I'm feeling!

Comment down below if you want to join me!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Blogilates Beginner's Calendar 2.0: Review & Final Update

I've officially completed all 28 days of the Blogilates Beginner's Calendar and firstly, I have to say that I'm pretty damn proud of myself, because it was pretty difficult but I stuck with it until the end. And I had fun in the process!

So, how much of a difference does this calendar really make? Does it work? Here are my final thoughts.

This workout program really works, but you need to work at it too. If you're going to half ass the workouts, eat badly and skip days, you really won't see a huge difference. I really did my best to stick with it and work hard at it and I really have seen a difference.

The thing about Blogilates that I enjoyed is that you won't just see a difference in your body, you'll see a difference in your mindset and motivation as well. Physically, since I began the calendar, I lost 10 pounds and I feel so much stronger than I was before. My muscles, especially my legs are so much more defined than they used to be.

Cassey also throws in a lot of great advice to frame a healthy mindset as well. She especially stresses that it's completely fine to want to change your body and work for the best you, but it's not okay to hate your body. You need to love your body and it will love you back, and show you the results you want. That definitely resonated with me.

She also reminds you often that getting the body you want and reaching your goals wont be easy, and you need to work for it, but you'll get there, which definitely keeps you motivated to push yourself.

If you're considering doing this calendar, I highly recommend that you do. It will absolutely whip you into shape, and prepare you to be able to do the regular monthly calendars to the best of your abilities, but it'll also make you so much more motivated to work and to stick with your workout routines.

I'd also like to point out that just because it's called the Beginner calendar, doesn't mean that it's easy by any means. You will still be challenged and you will still work your butt off, but you'll also be doing the beginner videos, which offer a bit more guidance when it comes to proper form and how to execute the moves effectively.

Comment below if you've done the calendar, or are considering trying it! I'd love to hear what you guys think!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Blogilates Beginner's Calendar 2.0 Week 3 Update!

Hey everyone!
So I'm finished my 3rd week of the Blogilates Beginner's Calendar 2.0 and honestly week 3 was killer, I was sore every day and really felt challenged by all the workouts this week.

I'm definitely feeling stronger and noticing changes in my body at this point, especially when I go to the gym as well. My legs, arms and abs are so much stronger than they were 3 weeks ago, and this is purely because of POP Pilates, it's crazy. I've also lost 9 pounds so far! Of course, I've been eating a lot better as well as working out, but I'm super proud of the results I'm seeing!

In terms of my every day life, I've noticed that I'm more energetic during the day and I'm more likely to do physical activity than I was before.

Week 4 is the final week of the calendar, so I'm definitely going to keep going with this routine and do the August Blogilates calendar. I'm looking forward to seeing even more changes!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Blogilates Beginner's Calendar 2.0: Week 2 Update!

Hey everyone! So I've officially been doing the Blogilates Beginner's calendar for 2 weeks now, and I'm having a lot of fun doing it! I'm always challenged, but I feel like comparing to myself 14 days ago, I'm already stronger.

The great thing for me, doing this calendar, has been that it kind of forces you to get up and be active. You really don't have to think hard about it, it's all planned out for you, just need to stick with it.

For those of you thinking about doing this, I really recommend it! I'm already so much more motivated to work out every day, I feel a lot stronger and more energetic every day and I'm loving it. Today's my rest day and I'm thinking of maybe working out for fun now...

Today's recipe was the Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin, which is actually such an interesting idea. I edited the recipe to be more tasty to me, because the basic 3 ingredient recipe sounded a bit like eggy oatmeal to me. For those wondering, I used: 1 egg white, 1/4 cup quick oats, 1 banana (mashed), 1 tbsp almond milk, 1/4 cup frozen mixed berries. I'll definitely make this recipe again when I need a quick breakfast. Maybe just omit the almond milk, because it was a bit on the soft side!

Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Blogilates Beginner Calendar 2.0: Week 1 Check-In

Hi everyone! So my first week of the Blogilates Beginner Calendar 2.0 is done and I'm honestly SO happy I decided to take on this challenge, because not only is it fun, but I'm already seeing some changes in my body! (I know! Even after only 1 week!).

I'm really loving this calendar because you're doing something new every day so you're never bored. Plus it doesn't require any weights or machines. Just you and a yoga mat.

I've already noticed that parts of my body that used to be really weak (*ahem, my abs*), are already getting stronger! I really believe that this is working. Every workout gets me sore and I'm challenged every step of the way but somehow I'm having fun? Today is my rest day and I'm almost sad that I don't get to work out today (and this is coming from the girl that used to hate working out!)

Today I had to make the 2-Ingredient Pancake recipe (2 eggs and 1 ripe Banana), which was okay. Definitely no buttermilk pancake there but great for a low carb, high protein breakfast. I added some cinnamon and about a tbsp of oats, and topped it with lots of berries which helped it taste a little nicer to me.

Anyway, that's all of now! Happy Friday everyone! Follow me on Twitter if you'd like to see more updates on my fitness journey and just general day to day stuff!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Join Me on my Fitness Journey!

Hey everyone!
Since I'm no longer spending every waking moment studying, I've realized how much I've really let myself go when it comes to my diet and fitness. So this summer, I'm challenging myself to have a better diet and to workout more often!

Sometimes it's not always possible for me to make it to the gym every day, so in addition to going to the gym, I'm taking on the Blogilates Beginner Calendar, starting July 1st.
I really recommend you guys trying it out with me!

I'm going to be posting weekly check-ins on each of the 4 weeks of the calendar (so every Sunday) to talk about how I'm feeling and how I'm liking the program! Lets see some results!

Let me know in the comments if you want to join me in this! I'm so excited!