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Friday, January 5, 2018

Lancome Color Design Infinite Eyeshadow '302 Vibrant Violet': Review and SWATCH

Hi everyone!
I'm really excited to have more posts up of reviews and swatches of products I have in my collection!

As you all know, I've always been big on purple shadows, so I was pretty excited to try this one out from Lancome. It's a cream shadow in a pot, reminiscent of the Colourpop super shock shadows. With that quality in mind, I found myself really disappointed with this eyeshadow. For a cream shadow, it was pretty dry and almost crumbly or grainy, as you can see in the swatch.

It applies okay on the eyes, but you do have to use your fingers and it is not as easy to blend out as the Colourpop ones. 
Let me know what you want to see swatched next or recommend any products for me to review!

Friday, June 16, 2017

L'Oreal Private Sale Haul!

 Hey everyone! A while back I had a chance to go to the L'Oreal Private Sale, which essentially is a huge invite-only warehouse sale that happens twice a year, including all brands under L'Oreal. I love these sales because 1) you can find amazing deals on products you love and 2) you can pick up products you've been curious to try for a discounted price.
Anyway, here's what I picked up!:
 L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows: It's no secret that I'm obsessed with the formula of these eyeshadows, so I always make a point to pick up a couple every private sale I attend. I picked up the shades:
-Pepsy Coral
-Endless Chocolat
-Purple Obsession
 I also picked up the Dermablend Corrective Compact Cream, since I've been looking for a fuller coverage foundation lately that would suit my sensitive skin. I wanted to buy the liquid foundation but they didn't have one light enough for my skin tone at the sale, so I picked up the one in the compact instead.
 I also picked up the:
Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray
L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Washable Self Tanner
Maybelline BabyLips Lip Gloss in 'Just A Glimmer'
Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder
Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in 'Rouge Carrousel'
Maybelline Colour Jolt in 'Orange Outburst'
 I also picked up some products from La Roche Posay that will hopefully cure the insane dryness my skin has been going though lately. I'm so excited to start using these!
I also picked up the big bottle of their Micellar Water for sensitive skin because it's holy grail status for me!

Hope you enjoyed seeing everything I picked up! I'm so excited to start playing around with everything!

Friday, September 30, 2016

My 10 Fall Makeup Essentials

Hi everyone! Can you believe September is almost over? Was that the fastest month ever or what?

I really wanted to take a little time to talk about my essential, must have makeup once Autumn comes around. While I'm not too strict when it comes to sticking to "seasonally appropriate" makeup, Fall is definitely my favourite season, so I definitely take advantage of it when it comes to my makeup choices.

Here are the things that I think are definite must haves in your collection for the Autumn months!

1) A good under eye concealer/colour corrector

Ah yes, back to school season. Midterms await, meaning sleepless nights and under eye darkness galore. Having a good heavy duty under eye concealer, and a good colour corrector is essential in the Fall.
I recommend: Lancome 'Effacernes' Under Eye Concealer & Nyx Dark Circle Concealer/Corrector

2) A Cool Toned Nude Lipstick

When I think of Fall lipstick, I think of 2 things: a vampy wine colour, and a cool toned nude. So on days you don't quite want to go for an intense dark lip, this is a really flattering choice. Plus it also gives you extra freedom to get a bit more creative with your eyeshadow looks!
I recommend: Essence 'Cool Nude' Lipstick

3) A Vampy Dark Red Lip

I won't bore you to death with the same story over again, but I had been on the hunt for the perfect dark wine lip colour, and I found it with Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Copenhagen'. It's perfect and stunning and flattering on all skin tones. That is all.

4) Duo Chrome Eyeshadow

I like going for more 'outside of the box' eyeshadow looks in the fall. While on a day to day basis, I tend to stick with my safe neutrals, I do also like to reach for some vibrant coppers, or some really cool duo chrome looks that just seem to look so much cooler in the Autumnal months.
I recommend: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in  'Lounge' (it's described as a brick red with a green shift, and it is my favourite thing ever)

5) A Super Dark Black Eyeliner

I adore lack eyeliner, but I find that a super, intense black liners look best in the colder months. And years later, I have yet to find an eyeliner blacker than Urban Decay's 24 Hour Glide On Pencil in 'Perversion'

6) A Warm Toned Blush 

I wear a lot of peach and baby pink blushes in the summer, but when it comes to fall and winter, I always go to a warmer blush to give that healthy "out in the cold" glow.
I recommend: Nyx HD Blush in 'Amber'

7) A Hydrating Foundation

When the weather cools down, my skin goes from combination to very dry. So I like a foundation that will keep my skin feeling hydrated and comfortable all day.
I recommend: Covergirl 'Ready Set Gorgeous' Foundation and Too Faced 'Born This Way' Foundation

9) Bolder Brows

I have natually thick brows, so I can get away with not doing much with them on a day to day basis with my lighter, more natural looks in the Summer. However I almost always fill them in during the Fall months, just because I love the look of bold brows with the more bold makeup looks that come during this time of year!
I recommend: Annabelle Skinny Brown Liner in Universal Ebony

10) Soft lips

Dry lips from the chilly weather paired with a vampy, dark matte lip is a disaster waiting happen. I take extra care to hydrate my lips as soon as the weather gets colder. I particularly love Burt's Bee's lip balms for this. I'm using one that's a coconut and pear flavour right now, and it is DIVINE.

What are your must have products in the Fall? Let me know!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

August Favourites!

I know I say this every month, but how fast did August go by? It was a really great month for me but I'm already super excited for fall now. I didn't try out too many new products during the month of August but I really did fall in love with a small handful.

I think this was the month where I went out of my comfort zone a lot more in terms of eyeshadow and lip colours. I also went on a road trip that resulted in a fair bit of shopping. Anyway, looking through the products I used the most this month, these are the ones that stood out to me the most:

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
I actually only purchased this palette this month and I'm so glad I decided to go for it. It is a very neutral palette, which is right up my alley of course. I already knew that I loved the formulation of Too Faced eye shadows so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I only wish I picked this up sooner.

Nyx Lip Lingerie in 'Exotic' 
I wanted to pick up some of Nyx's Lip Lingerie for so long now, and I finally got the chance to do so this month. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on these, but I found the formulation to be really nice. It applies very smoothly and evenly, and lasts pretty well. The only thing I did find is that it didn't fade very nicely, but if you touch up a few times a day, you won't have any issues.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 'Coral Berry' 
It's no secret that I am in love with Revlon's Super Lustrous lipsticks. They are my favourite lipsticks at the drugstore. This colour is such a wearable coral that goes with so many different makeup looks. Hydrating, pigmented and easy to apply.
Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Under Eye Concealer 
I wouldn't be surprised if I've mentioned this in past monthly favourites, but I still cannot get over how great this concealer is. Especially now that I'm back in school, and my under eyes are looking darker and more fatigued, this concealer has got my back. I pair it with a peachy colour corrector and my under eye darkness is virtually undetectable.

Covergirl Professional Loose Powder
I have memories of my mom using this powder when I was a little girl, and when I needed a new loose powder to set my under eye concealer, I picked this one up. It's a really good, dependable loose powder. I find that it sets my under eye area amazingly and leaves it smooth and creaseless all day, without looking too cakey or powdery.
Annabelle Smudge Liner in 'Atomic Surf '
Whenever I went for a more dramatic eye look, I loved applying turquoise liner on my bottom lash line. This liner in particular is so creamy and smooth, while also being insanely long wearing and pigmented. Annabelle never ceases to impress me with their eyeliners.

What did you love this month? Let me know! xo

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

LancĂ´me 'Effacernes' Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer: Review

I will be the first to say it. I have pretty bad undereye darkness and circles. Those of you who share this same issue know how incredibly frustrating it is to deal with. Most concealers just don't have enough coverage without being dry and cakey (which just draws attention back to that area... ugh).

About a month ago, I stopped by Sephora to see what I can try out to get rid of this issue. I've tried many drugstore concealers which just didn't cut it. I also tried Benefit's Erase Paste, which was just way too cakey for that area. Anyway, this was the concealer recommended to me and it has completely changed the game for me.

This is everything you want in an undereye concealer and more. The coverage is fantastic (very comparable to the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer), but since it is made for the undereye area specifically, I've noticed that it is really hydrating and never looks cakey. It is also waterproof and long wearing which is great. It has been incredibly hot and humid here lately and no matter what the conditions, this stuff stays put.

I typically apply this after using a lightweight eye cream and then set it with a loose translucent powder. Doing this keeps it from creasing and also ensures that my undereye area is super hydrated and smooth.

If you have darkness under the eyes, I cannot recommend this product enough. This has become holy grail for me which says a lot. And while I am on a pretty tight budget (college student + only working part time can do that to you!), I am definitely okay with spending the $35 for this concealer because it is THAT good.

Friday, May 20, 2016

My Experience at the L'Oreal Spring 2016 Private Sale

This was my first time going to one of the L'Oreal private sales, so it's safe to say I was pretty excited. I love going to warehouse sales, and since I'm on a bit of a budget (college students, you feel me?), finding some good deals sounds pretty exciting to me.

I went on a Thursday evening, so thankfully I did not have to wait in line, as I probably would have had I came earlier in the day or on the weekend. Just because there was no line did not mean there was not many people; oh no. It was super crowded and chaotic: which lets be honest, is half the fun of a warehouse sale.

So, here's what I've gathered from this sale as well as some helpful tips if you're considering attending one.

-Do not go in expecting mind blowing deals. Yes, you will find some great sales. For example, I left with a handful of Nyx lipsticks which were 2 for 1, nail polish was 2 for $3 and other daily/weekly promotions. However not everything was extremely marked down.

-Which leads me to my next point: know what you're looking for and know how much they go for in store. This way, you'll know if it's really worth it.

-Go on a weekday, later in the evening. The sale in my area was open until 9pm. Going a bit later in the day can save you the craziness of too many people.

-Check the emails they send you! Yes, it can get annoying to get tons of emails and you may just be tempted to delete them without even opening them, but definitely check those out. There are some really awesome promotions that may only last 1 or 2 days which you may not want to miss.

-Bring your own bag. At checkout, you'll be persuaded to buy one of their reusable bags. If you want one then feel free, but if you don't, bring a bag with you!

I ended up leaving with quite a few things which I am really excited to try out! If you're interested in seeing what I got, let me know in the comments below and I'll do a post on those! I got a ton of lipstick, eyeshadow and face products!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend!