Sunday, December 4, 2016

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Line Review

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free, for review purposes. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own!
I was recently sent a sample of Arbonne's RE9 Advanced line for review, and since incorporating these in my skincare routine and thoroughly testing them out, I've been beyond excited to write this review.

For those of you who are not too familiar with Arbonne, they are a botanically based, vegan brand that offer products formulated without any harsh or harmful chemicals. This is what initially intrigued me, because I've been having some skin issues lately.

I have very dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin that often tends to have somewhat negative reactions to strongly scented or harsh products. So I had high hopes for these products and hoped they'd give my skin the nourishment it so craved.

This line is their anti-aging line, which admittedly is not really a concern of mine, since I'm only 21 years old. However my skin is not without it's issues, and these products claimed they would work well on dry skin, so I was eager to give them a try.

I had samples of the cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, day cream with SPF, extra moisture day cream with SPF and the night cream. While the products I received to try out weren't the biggest, I still got a good 2 weeks use out of most of them (I ran out of the cleanser and night cream first though, because I was obsessed!)

In a nutshell, here is what I thought of each one:

Smoothing Facial Cleanser: I really enjoyed this. It did everything I could want from a cleanser. I really loved that it left my face so clean, without any trace of makeup, dirt, oil, etc. but didn't leave it dried out or tight feeling. Also, it smelled like Terry's Chocolate Orange (you know the scent I'm talking about!), which just adds to how much I loved using it.

Regenerating Toner: I've never been someone who religiously used toner, but after incorporating this into my routine, I will probably continue to use it. It left my skin feeling even cleaner and fresher than before which is a great feeling, especially if you were wearing a full face of makeup all day.

Intensive Renewal Serum: This. Stuff. Blew. My. Mind. If there's anything here that I will be repurchasing ASAP, it's this. I am convinced that this is what cured my chronically dry skin. After only a couple days of using this, my skin became smooth, soft and plump. If you choose to buy any one thing from Arbonne, this is the one!

Corrective Eye Cream: This is one of the products I still have left of, so I continue to use it twice a day. It is one of the most hydrating eye creams I have ever used in my life, which worked out great for me since I have a very dehydrated under eye area. I didn't notice it doing anything for my darkness or bags (although 2 weeks usually isn't long enough to see much result), but my under eye concealer definitely applies a lot more evenly and nicely since my under eyes are so much more hydrated now!

Restorative Day Cream with SPF 20: I was a bit hesitant to use these day creams because my skin generally does not react very well to creams with SPF (breakouts galore!). Thankfully I didn't have any issues with this one although I did find it to be a bit too heavy for my skin.

Extra Moisture Day Cream with SPF 20: Strangely enough, I found this one to be less heavy on my skin that the restorative one! Again, I also did not have any negative reaction to this one either, and I felt like my skin just drank it up.

Night Repair Cream: This product, along with the serum, is one of my absolute favourites from the line. I have an issue with night creams; either they just aren't thick and hydrating enough, or they're too intense and sit as an oily film on top of my skin. I was worried about this at first because it was very thick, but my skin absorbed it so quickly and it was left feeling so soft, hydrated and soothed. If your skin is dry to the point of irritation or discomfort, you need this in your life.
So: 2 weeks down the line, how is my skin?
There is such a noticeable difference in my skin already that I'm really astounded. It is so much softer and hydrated, without a trace of the flaky, dry, irritation I was so used to.
I also truly feel like my skin appears more radiant and less dull as it was a few weeks ago.

If you have problematic skin and nothing seems to be soothing it or making it better, I highly recommend you try these out.

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Simply contact Stéphanie Nérette at (her consultant ID is #115713441)
She is the fantastic consultant who sent me these products for review and is giving you this great offer!