Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sample Sunday: Caudalie Premier Cru 'The Eye Cream'

Welcome to the first ever Sample Sunday! I have so many (so, so many) sample sizes of products and I've always wanted to review them, but it felt kind of out of place, since I only really get to try the product a handful of times, depending on the size of the sample. So I decided to start Sample Sundays, where once a week I can give my first impressions of whatever sample sized product I try out.
Those of you who are not new to my blog know that one of my top skincare concerns is my dark, dehydrated under eye area. So for this reason, I LOVE getting samples of eye creams, since I still haven't found my holy grail, cure-all, problem solver eye cream yet.

This eye cream had me very intrigued since I've never really tried anything from Caudalie before. I also became even more intrigued when I saw how much a full size of this product costs; $110 for 0.5 oz! So it was one of those odd scenarios where I had extremely high expectations but also hoped I wouldn't fall in love with it because, damn, that's some expensive stuff.

I will say, this was the most luxurious feeling cream I've ever applied onto my eye area. It feels so light, almost whipped in texture, but you can tell it's providing moisture. It doesn't get absorbed too quickly, which I don't mind too much since I generally apply my eye cream before bed (and maybe a light layer before my makeup).

So I went to bed that night feeling thoroughly impressed with this super luxe feeling eye cream that would likely perform miracles overnight... And when I woke up, my under eye area was even more dehydrated than before I applied the cream!

I got about a weeks use out of this sample and noticed the same thing every time. I would apply the cream, which was very soothing and seemed hydrating, and woke up to Sahara desert dry under eyes.

So yeah, overall, I was not impressed, and I won't be running out to purchase a full size of this product.